Miami Basel Works on Paper with Broadway Gallery * NY Arts Portfolio Collection

Annual portfolio reviews of two hundred artists works. Make a bid! See new works.

Especially in regards to fine art galleries participating in the wide array of Miami art fairs, purchasing art can often be expensive and confusing.  NY Arts believes this does not need to be the case, and that everyone deserves to own works of art.

NY Arts Magazine and Broadway Gallery are excited to announce the Miami Basel Works on Paper Collection.

Occurring for a limited time concurrently with Miami Basel, NY Arts and Broadway Gallery will be offering a wide selection of affordable works on paper from exciting emerging artists.

Contact the artist directly for purchasing similar works or to get further information.

Artists interested in to submitting to the portfolio collection are encouraged to inquire:

Also be sure to see the work of:

Sean Con­lon
Anna Lukasik-Fisch
Alika Kumar
Frances Snif­fen
Gabriela Culic
Jesus Cabanas
Anto­nio Russo
Dorel Topan
Regina Miele
Clau­dia Salguero
Jenny Graves­tam
Mario Pas­sarelloMar­lies Koster
Leyla Munteanu
Hen­ri­ette Lorentz
Mario Pas­sarello
Anne Thorsby
Clau­dia Casaletti
Nay­dene Gonella
Leyla Munteanu
Hen­ri­ette Lorentz
Maria Bech Jensen
Dar­ius Mlacki
Clau­dia Luthi
Mar­tin Paw­era
Yuria Oka­mura
Ange­lika Kalh
Svet­lana Drago­je­vic
Conni Bon­lokke
Ewa Banas
Dou­glas Lyell
Britt Bernard
Hans Bertschi
Ursi Spal­tenstein
Ajay Narayan
Her­man Cater
Peter Grundt­ner
Maria Bech Jensen
Vanessa Aves
Chris Har­ri­son
Hen­ri­ette Lor­entz
Mamuka Mike­ladze
Gigi Rig­a­monti
Anna Carin Stein
Jirina Naz­zani
Vanessa Aves
Anna Paola Piz­zo­caro
Soli Mad­sen
Rosy Lofer
Mar­gret Zit­ter­bayer
Jack Jasper
Sabine Schulz
Young Ae Yi
Solange Nourry
Anne Thorsby
Julie Ann Stevens
Luc reichert
Sophia Rein
Basha Maryan­ska
Chris­tel Schmidt
Lars Kesseler
Rita Koch & Rolf Hun­keler
Josephine Turalba
Andras Mengyan
Elena Mon­te­murro
Rebekah Lichter
Karen E. Evans
James Gen­tile
Banu Inanc Uyan Dur
Shawn Mor­rel
Angela Keller
Thomas Koch
Charles M Williams
Marie-Anne Grand­mont
Franco Bar­rese
Katja Granzin
Euge­nia Velis
Laz­zate Maral
David Michael Bow­ers
Chris­tel Schmidt
Armelle Bastide d’Izard
Choukry Ben­man­sour
Dar­nell Edwards

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